Bentleys Cafe in Tuckahoe – Breakfast Review

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I arrived 20 minutes early to meet my friend, Janet, for breakfast on a pouring rainy Saturday morning in Tuckahoe at Bentley’s Café.
Sitting in a back booth, I was greeted by Dawn Mullen, from Yonkers, my waitress. With her bright smile and blonde hair, she was a little bit of sunshine on really dismal day. I sat quietly sipping the most delicious coffee, really smooth and not a bit bitter, waiting for Janet to arrive, just observing everything around me.

Bentley’s Café gave me that small hometown feel the minute I stepped in the door. There are booths, tables and stools at a counter, with a nostalgic décor. The place reminded me of my own Queens neighborhood soda shop that we used to get egg creams and ice cream sodas. (After browsing the menu, I can confirm they do indeed sell egg creams, ice cream sodas and milk shakes.) At one point, Dawn and the staff behind the counter were having a good laugh together, which is always a good sign. No one wants an unhappy person serving them. As customers started coming in, I noticed Dawn was bringing them there beverages before they even asked for it, obviously regulars, who greeted her like a friend.

After Janet arrived and settled in, her first comments were the same sentiments as mine about feeling nostalgic. We ordered a Swiss, bacon and onion omelet with home fries, one slice of rye and one slice of whole wheat toast. Janet and I ordered buttermilk pancakes. Dawn suggested the blueberry pancakes and we ordered one of each. The omelet was cooked perfectly, the onions were sautéed and the cheese was evenly melted throughout the omelet with delectable home fries on the side. Our pancakes were full of flavor as well as the fresh blueberry pancake.
We were offered coffee refills no less than 3 times. I had to switch to decaf from drinking too much coffee but it was too good to pass up. The cost for breakfast was $22.25, without tip which I felt was more than reasonable.

Bentley’s Café sadly had no real butter, or real maple syrup, but they more than made up for it by being a comfortable, cozy café with good old fashioned home cooking served complete with a smile.

Where do you go to breakfast? Please share the name and town of your favorite breakfast spot in the comment section.

Bentley’s Cafe, 111 Lake Avenue, Tuckahoe, NY 10707
(914) 961-9641

2 thoughts on “Bentleys Cafe in Tuckahoe – Breakfast Review

  1. Looking for a new place since Lina’s closed. Will have to try Bentley’s. John and I usually like the W. P. Diner across from The Westchester whenever we go out for breakfast. Maybe because it’s close to my doctor whenever I have fasted and have to give blood. The food always tastes great.

  2. You’ve dropped a nice review. The food here is delicious and therefore the portion sizes are nice. Whether it’s a platter meal with two sides or a sandwich…I always have leftovers. A small salad is more than enough for two of us to share and still have extra. The food continuously tastes very fresh and homemade. The employees are nice too – everyone seems to be therefore nice. We are really happy.

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