Christmas Traditions

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Christmas traditions are what make the holidays memorable. Whether it’s the seven fishes dinner on Christmas Eve with family, opening presents Christmas morning together, attending church the same time every year or making handmade Christmas ornaments for the tree, all of these traditions make for some wonderful memories to cherish.

Ever since I became a gramma, I wanted to cook and bake with my grandchildren. My granddaughter, Mackenzie, really enjoys baking. ChiChi (her nickname) and I started the tradition of baking Christmas cookies together when she was about four years old and we continued to do it every year. Mackenzie, now eleven years old, gets to pick which cookie she wants us to bake together. Her choice this year was Aunt Ellia’s butter cookies (you can find the recipe on Somebody’s Mom) and peanut butter cookies.

ChiChi, I hope you want to bake cookies with me every year, no matter how old you get. May you carry on the tradition of Christmas cookie baking with your family one day and remember fondly our time together spent in the kitchen.

This Christmas tradition is one that warms my heart as much as the oven warms the kitchen.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions

  1. Great article. Traditions are important to any family, group or community. They bind us together and make for special occasions and great memories if handled with love and care. I can relate to birthdays, holidays, especially Christmas, and family and friend get togethers with great appreciation and I especially think of them when times are rough because they offer hope and the desire that things will get better and that memories lead to HOPE and Joy. Thanks for this presentation and Happy Hanukkah and a Merry and Holy Christmas to all. Peace
    Michael Tedesco

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