Who is Somebody’s Mom?

No matter what the language, a mom is a mom. Whether it be momma, mommala, mama-san, mom, mommy, ema, whatever you call yours, we are all the same. I am literally somebody’s mom to three children and somebody’s gramma to three grandchildren. I had a mom that I loved, but now I miss her everyday. I think that there are other women who are just like me in that I still could use a mom in my life, and maybe you can too! No one could be anyone else’s real mom, but let’s try to be moms for one another. A mom who shares recipes and stories or maybe a craft or two, who listens and offers comfort, some sharing of advice or whatever is needed; a mom that anyone could relate to. I think having a mom in one’s life is almost as good as being a mom, and everyone can be a mom to somebody!!

Mission Statement

I would like to state that all information on this blog is my personal opinion, as well as my personal experiences. I am a woman, a wife, a mother and a grandmother. My credentials are that I taught American cooking, a Macys cooking demonstrator, gave supermarket tours, etc. Articles written about me in NY Times, Time magazine, New York Daily News, The Journal News and a featured food writer / restaurant reviewer for Patch.


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