New Rochelle Diner – Breakfast Review

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The “new” New Rochelle Diner opened directly across from the Home Depot over a year ago. Getting into the diner parking lot is a bit tricky, when turning around the bend from Main Street towards the Home Depot.  The entrance comes up fast so be ready for it.

The diner’s interior is popping with bright orange accent colors along with oversized photos of New Rochelle.  I loved the retro feel all around the diner, inside and out.  I met two friends for breakfast there a few weeks ago.  Their breakfast menu provided a wide and diverse selection of interesting items. Coffee is very important to me at breakfast.  It has to be good!  The coffee was okay, a bit too strong and not flavorful enough.  The second cup was better.  One friend ordered the pancakes, which she noted were cooked perfect and of generous size.  My other friend ordered a fresh mushroom omelet with home fries.  The omelet was well done and flavorful, home fries were average, just potatoes without onions or peppers.  I ordered the waffle.  It was cooked to my taste, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.  While the diner had real butter, they did not have real maple syrup.  (Most diners will have the real maple syrup for an extra fee.)  Frequent refills of coffee were offered, and Angel our waiter was very attentive and friendly.  The ladies rest room was spotless and very eye appealing, really done up right.  In my book, if the rest room is really clean, I assume the kitchen is as well.  Our bill came to $30.39 for three people, very reasonable.

Don’t wait for the next time you are going to Costco or Home Depot to visit the New Rochelle Diner. Make the New Rochelle Diner your place to go all the time!

Where do you go to breakfast? Please share the name and town of your favorite breakfast spot in the comment section.

New Rochelle Diner, 850 Main Street, New Rochelle, NY 10805,


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