Breakfast Review – Comfi

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During this summer I visited a good friend and her husband on the New Jersey shore. While on my visit, we ventured out for breakfast at a local restaurant, “Comfi”,in Belmar,NJ.

Of all the breakfast reviews I have done with friends, this time I made my friends feel very uncomfortable. My ordering of my breakfast is a close second to the way “Sally” from the movie, “When Harry met Sally” ordered her food in restaurants. K and M, as I will refer to my friends in this breakfast review, since no names will be used in this article, just initials, to conceal their identities and to protect the innocent.

We were served a cup of good, but strong coffee. K, not a coffee drinker, ordered a large glass of OJ, which was so good, he had a second glass. The place was very welcoming with many signs hanging throughout the restaurant with various thought provoking sayings
to entertain yourself while waiting to be served. Our waitress, Christina, was friendly, efficient and happy. Whenever a waitress or waiter comes to my table with a big smile, that is always a great beginning to an enjoyable meal. .

This past year or so, I have been ordering a big breakfast and taking home half for my husband to eat at a later time. This has worked out great for both of us. I am an early riser and go out with friends for a 9:00 am breakfast. Half the time my husband is still in bed. He always is happy when he gets up to see what leftovers I brought home for him. So, it was my intention to do the same on this morning as I was leaving for home immediately after breakfast at Comfi.

M ordered scrambled eggs,potatoes and toast,which she thoroughly enjoyed. K and I ordered the same breakfast – “I am still Undecided Breakfast” – (the name of the entrée) which was a sampler dish that included French toast, pancakes, eggs, choice of meat and breakfast potatoes. All this for $11.95! Well, this was the biggest breakfast I have ever seen. It must have been 3 scrambled eggs, 2 tremendous pancakes, a mountain of potatoes, a large piece of French toast and bacon. It seemed like this one breakfast could have been shared by 3 people. Let me just add that they had real maple syrup, and real butter pats, always a plus for me. Everything was delicious and K took home leftover potatoes, while I took home almost the whole meal for my husband. The breakfast potatoes were cooked perfectly, nice crunch on the outside and soft potato on the inside. All in all, it was an A plus breakfast experience.

K and M you are safe now to go back to Comfi’s for breakfast. Even if I was tortured, I wouldn’t reveal your real names, or would I?

Comfi, 707 Main Street, Belmar, New Jersey 07719
(732) 749-3583

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