Breakfast Review – Little Crepe Street

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A few months ago, my good friend, Linda, and I planned a get together for brunch. Linda lives in Connecticut and I live in Westchester.  Our go to meeting place is Mt. Kisco because it is in-between as far as distance goes for both of us.

Mt. Kisco is a great town. There are stores for shopping and more places to eat then we realized.  Searching the internet for places to eat in Mt. Kisco was a bit overwhelming at first until the Little Crepe Street caught my eye.  Crepes were very popular years ago and I was very happy to relive a blast from the past.

When we first walked into the Little Crepe Street, we both thought it was interesting to say the least. There is a counter and they prepare the crepes right in front of you.  The décor is very bohemian looking, and comfortable.  We both needed to use the rest room and were told it is in the Little Kabab Station next door.  Mind you, a doorway size opening between the restaurants joins both restaurants together.  The one restroom was for both men and women and had graffiti painted on the door.  Linda was braver than I was and used the restroom first.  Her experience told me to wait for another restroom.  It was more like a janitor closet that served as restroom.  It was a bit crowded in there with the bucket and mop and other cleaning products.  Maybe it was there temporarily on that day.  Let’s hope so.  My suggestion is do not drink too much of anything while visiting the Little Crepe Street or next door at the Little Kabab Station.

Our waiter, Enwer, was seasoned, experienced and knowledgeable. He was helpful with suggestions when Linda asked about the many different choices of healthy drinks listed on the menu.  Linda chose the “Power To Do More” juice, which consisted of carrot, apple, beet, ginger and celery.  Linda enjoyed it so much, she took a to-go cup to bring the remaining juice with her to finish.

Linda ordered a veg crepe, which consisted of zucchini/peppers/onions/spinach/mushrooms and gruyere cheese. I ordered the chicken spinach crepe, which was made with chicken/spinach/onions/ goat cheese and béchamel sauce.  Linda and I split and shared the two crepes.  Both were amazing and we were delighted we came.  Our bill came to $32.75, without tip, which was average for brunch.

Definitely going back to the Little Crepe Street Restaurant for the crepes and nostalgia, just not the restroom!

Little Crepe Street, 29 East Main Street, Mt. Kisco, NY 10549

(914) 242-0200

One thought on “Breakfast Review – Little Crepe Street

  1. My all-time favorite place to shop when I lived in NY was Bedford Barn, just outside Mt. Kisco.  I have no idea if it is still in business.  If it is, you should check it out and let me know if it is still worth the ride.  Joni

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