Homemade Brown Gravy

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Since the HOLIDAYS are just around the corner, I thought I wouold share with you, how to make homemade gravy just like MOM!

any pan meat juices
1 cup milk
2 tablespoons cornstarch
1 to 2 cups potato water
1 packet beef (or chicken for chicken or turnkey gravy) bouillon
1 to 2 teaspoons Gravy Master
salt and pepper

1. Prepare your meat (roast beef or any other meat such as pork, lamb or chicken) by roasting in oven.
2. Remove roast beef to a separate dish. Let it sit before slicing.
3. In a large cup, add 2 tablespoons of cornstarch and milk. Mix until cornstarch is blended into milk. Place on the side.
4. Have all ingreadients ready next to the pan on the stove to use quickly.
5. Place the roasting pan with meat juices on a burner on the stove, centered. On a medium flame, heat juices. Slowly, pour cornstarch milk mixture
into pan. Stir constantly with one hand and hold onto the pan with the other hand using potholder.
6. The cornstarch mixture will get thick quickly. Lower the flame and slowly pour 1 cup of the potato water into the pan. Keep stirring.
Add the beef bouillon, Gravy Master along with salt and pepper. Continue stirring over a medium flame.
7. As the gravy thickens, keep it thick or add another 1/ 2 cup of potato water to thin it out, depending on how thick you prefer your gravy to be.
(Sometimes I use one cup of potato water for a thick gravy, sometimes 2 cups to get more gravy, but it will be thinner.
8. Taste your gravy. If needed, add a bit more salt and pepper. Depending on how much potato water you use, you can get 1 1/2 to 3 cups
of gravy. With a small strainer over a glass measuring cup, pour the gravy from the pan, through the strainer. Stirring it in the strainer to get
the lumps out. Serve immediately in a gravy boat.
9. Enjoy – Homemade gravy is the ulitmate topping on your homemade mashed potatoes!

Dear Aunt Martha,

Thank you for teaching me how to make gravy.

For as long as I can remember, you were there at every holiday dinner making the gravy; you were the master! Only a chosen few understood the secret to preparing a really good gravy, and you had it down to a science.

Two weeks after my wedding day, at age 19, you’ll remember that I hosted my first Thanksgiving dinner. Gravy always seemed like such a difficult thing to do when I was a young bride, but luckily for me, you were there……my secret weapon. It turned out to be a success, thanks to you, and I felt confident about all the dishes I prepared that day. For years after that, you continued to be our family’s gravy mistress. When I finally asked you to reveal that gravy recipe you stored in your mental file cabinet, you did so without hesitation. Well, Aunt Martha, not a holiday goes by that I don’t think of you standing by the stove in my kitchen, just stirring the gravy. Love, Mariann

I picked up a few hints from watching other cooks prepare their gravies over the years. Even though I love my Aunt’s version, I am still open to experimenting, as I do with many recipes.

I hope you enjoy this gravy as much as I have and that you have an “Aunt Martha”, or someone very much like her, in your life!

2 thoughts on “Homemade Brown Gravy

  1. I’m sure Aunt Martha  has a nice smile on her face after sharing her gravy recipe  and loving comments. Hope all is well …………………..



  2. Hi Somebody’s Mom,

    My mother taught me how to make gravy and my family is forever grateful. On Thanksgiving all I wanted was stuffing & turkey gravy. On Easter it was mashed potatoes & leg of lamb gravy. I always make the gravy and my kids are like me – gravy on anything! I even make a mushroom gravy for my vegetarian daughter. My recipe is different from Aunt Martha’s but I’m sure the result is the same. More Gravy Please!


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