The Original Pancake House Breakfast Review

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We’re back! Mela and I are hitting the road again in our quest for some good eating breakfast joints.

My co-worker, Larry, a very trustworthy fellow foodie who’s really into no holds barred breakfasts, told me about a new place that opened recently in White Plains called The Original Pancake House. Larry had dined at The Original Pancake House in Rockland, and told me I should check it out.
We set out on a recent Sunday morning to find what we always hope will be our new “go-to” breakfast place. Could it be The Original Pancake House? We found metered parking right in front, and parking is free on Sundays….sweet! Parking any day other than a Sunday at 9:00 am may be difficult.
There was a large, welcoming poster in the window that we couldn’t miss, but nothing permanent at that time. Our waiter, Greg Hoffa, from White Plains, was upbeat and solicitous. The coffee was served quickly, and we both agreed it was a strong cup of Joe. The place was on the chilly side, so the warmth of the coffee (along with our jackets) served us well until they cranked up the heat a bit. We were impressed by the simple, contemporary décor and everything appeared to be new and clean.

Our order consisted of a Broccoli Cheddar egg white omelet that came with 3 average sized buttermilk pancakes. All omelets come with pancakes. While broccoli cheddar omelets aren’t listed on the menu, they had no problem letting us substitute ingredients. It’s always a good sign when you can change up something on the menu. Toast and home fries were extra, but with pancakes, who needs them. The omelet was very fluffy, and the broccoli was fresh, not frozen, and had just the right bite to it. Happily, the cheddar was not overwhelming either, which we’ve experienced at many diners.

The pancakes were disappointing as they lacked flavor and were slightly doughy rather than fluffy. This is a pancake place after all. We commented to the hostess and she said it was the first time she heard that, and this could have been an off batch. The one item on the menu that was new to our breakfast jaunts was the Dutch Baby. Mela never had one and I love them. It took a little convincing to get her to try something new. Well, Mela tried it, and she liked it! We both loved the Dutch Baby with real maple syrup. It was excellent! Over all, the presentation of the meal was visually enticing. By 10:05 am, the place was packed and a crowd of people was waiting to be seated.

At $32.89, without tip, our breakfast was about average for a specialty breakfast place. Even though the pancakes were not as fluffy as they should be, we decided there was potential enough for there to be a next time. Dreaming of that Dutch Baby right now!

The Original Pancake House, 170 Hamilton Avenue, White Plains, NY 10601 (914) 683-3770

5 thoughts on “The Original Pancake House Breakfast Review

  1. Best breakfast of March – Craig’s – a littlle dive off Ocan Highhway Key Largo Florida
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    • Delores,
      A Dutch Baby is described on the menu as, “oven baked, served with whipped butter, lemon and powdered sugar”. Which isn’t really a description. The only way I can describe it is a giant popover that I eat with a tiny bit of butter and real maple syrup. It is light and tasty.

    • Maria,
      Thank you for reminding me. I did go to Strawberry Place a very long time ago and loved it. Food was great and it had such personality.
      I need to visit it again. I reviewed for Patch online and gave it a great review.


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