Veteran’s Day Project – December 2015

Christmas Hats Project 2015

December 2015

My Veteran’s Day Fundraiser was able to ship 30 care package boxes to our American soldiers filled with chocolate chip cookies, books, candies, magazines, lotions, cards, etc.

Thank you to Westchester Hebrew High School for their contributions and student/faculty/parent help in packing and paying for the cookies and shipping fees for the boxes.  This is a joint effort and all persons who contributed made this a successful fundraiser.

The photos were received from two soldier units that enjoyed our care package boxes.





3 thoughts on “Veteran’s Day Project – December 2015

  1. You’re a good person Mariann. Those thank you notes are heartfelt & express genuine appreciation by our troops. I thank you too, for putting it all together to make a difference to those who defend us.

    • Charlie,
      Thank you for your comment, but not sure how good I am. There are many people that are doing a lot more than I for others.
      Plus, I had help to put it all together. It was a group effort by all the people who contributed. I couldn’t have done it without them.


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