After Christmas Shopping

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Christmas is over, it is so sad. But wait, there is more to shop for. Happening right now is 50% to 75% off Christmas items. But hurry it will end quickly.

I bought one wrapping paper design from Joann’s and the other at Target. A few years ago, while doing my after Christmas shopping, I came across solid blue and solid red wrapping papers for 75% off. The light bulb went off in my head, I used these solid color wrapping papers for Valentine’s Day gifts and birthday presents throughout the year. These days I buy only one or two Christmas design wrapping paper for next year and then I look for solid color wrapping papers to use for other gifts. Last year I bought a beautiful white on silver plain design paper and used it for all of my wedding shower / engagement gifts.

The other items for next Christmas that I look to buy on sale are things that I ran out of this year. Whether it is bags, bows, paper plates, napkins or gift tags, I buy what I need to replace that I finished this year. When packing all my Christmas decorations away, the last two boxes I pack are my Christmas cards and paper goods. The reasoning is that the first job for the holidays for me is to write my Christmas cards. I follow the LIFO method I learned in accounting when packing up Christmas in the attic, Last in, first out.

What are you waiting for? Go shopping now for your wrapping paper for the year and while you are at it, pick up your Christmas cards for next year on sale too!

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