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2 quarts fresh Strawberries
1 pkg frozen raspberries, defrosted
3 tablespoons Kirsh Cherry Brandy or any other brand
1/3 cup of powdered sugar

heavy cream
powdered sugar

1. Wash strawberries and remove stem. Pat dry with a paper towel. Place in a glass or
clear bowl (if you have one).
2. Place the defrosted raspberries into a strainer and place over a separate bowl. With
the back of a tablespoon, pressing hard, squeeze the juice from the rasberries into the
bowl leaving the seeds in the strainer. This takes several turns of pressing the
tablespoon. Option- (I added some fresh raspberries to the frozen raspberries to
make more juice because I had them available.) When you feel you have squeezed
enough raspberries through the strainer, set aside the bowl of juice.
3. In a blender or food procesor, add the 1/3 cup of powdered sugar, Cherry Brandy and
raspberry juice. Blend until smooth.
4. Pour the Raspberry Sauce over the Strawberries and cover the bowl. Refrigerate for
3 hours or longer before serving.
5. When ready to serve the strawberries, prepare the whipped cream. In a separate
bowl, add heavy cream (about 8 ounces) and powdered sugar (about 1/4 cup). Beat
the cream and sugar until it becomes whipped cream. Serve immediately, with the
cream on the side in a separate bowl.
6. Enjoy – Strawberries and raspberries, a match made in heaven!

How many people serve fresh fruit when serving dessert? Many folks associate cake and ice cream with dessert, but there are also a lot of people who enjoy the natural sugars in ripe fruits and melons, especially in the summer. While I’m not a fan of fruit, it doesn’t mean that I won’t serve it to my family and friends.

Summer fruits such as blueberries, raspberries and strawberries are a huge hit with nearly everyone. My featured dessert is a simple dish to prepare and even adds that pop of color to dress up any table. But it’s the raspberry sauce that provides that something extra to the mix and gives you that winning dessert combo that everyone will ooh and ahh over. Who doesn’t love homemade fresh whipped cream anyway? A dollop of cream on top of strawberries in raspberry sauce is absolutely delectable!

This particular dish was served to my nieces and nephews at my Annual Niece and Nephew BBQ hosted by yours truly at the start of summer. I began this tradition a few years back because I wanted to re-create the fond memories my husband and I had of eating Sunday dinners with our aunts and uncles. This family tradition has gotten a bit lost over the years as family members moved further away from each other. Because our home is cozy (aka small) it’s more logical to host these get-togethers in the summer, so we can spread out on the deck, an area much bigger than my dining room. I look forward to spending this special time together with my nieces and nephews. Last year I wasn’t able to have the BBQ, and I thought with everyone’s busy lives no one would miss coming to our house. I was mistaken. My niece, Justine, made sure to let me know
that she indeed missed the Annual Niece and Nephew BBQ last year, and asked me very sweetly if I was going to do it this year. So, Justine, Eric, Brian, Jeanne Marie, Geoff, John, Caryn and Sean, I hope you enjoyed the Annual Niece and Nephew BBQ as much as Uncle Tom and I did. Get ready,
because I am already penciling you in on the calendar for next year!

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