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Biscotti are my favorite cookies, especially homemade pistachio biscotti. Pistachios don’t come cheap, but their flavor really comes to life when added to biscotti so they are definitely worth the cost. Problem is, everyone wants to snack on these little green jewels, so I’m forced to hide them until it’s time to make biscotti again!

When I was a young girl, biscotti were cookies that my Gramma dunked in her wine. I never really saw anyone dunk their biscotti in wine until recently when I traveled to, and fell in love with, Italy. My husband, Tom, and I had the pleasure of meeting his cousins for dinner one balmy night, after which we were served biscotti for desert. The sight of one of his cousins dunking a biscotti in his wine glass brought that touching vision of Gramma front and center……I felt very much at home.

My paternal Gramma was…

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