Mont Olympos Diner – Breakfast Review

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I received a great Christmas present this year, an automatic car starter. My old car starter, my husband, thought it was a great gift for him and me. The first appointment that he could schedule for installation after the holidays was the first Sunday in February.

Mela was gracious enough to drive me to PC Richards on Central Avenue in Yonkers, for my appointment and then take me out to breakfast while my car was being worked on. Since I began writing these breakfast reviews for Patch, Mela and I have really enjoyed discovering new places to eat breakfast. Little was discovered on my computer for breakfast in Central Avenue, Yonkers searches. I know there are places out there that possibly are not listed on the internet.
I remembered seeing a diner on top of a hill driving south on Central Avenue. Turns out the Mont (that is the correct spelling) Olympos Diner was literally right before PC Richards.

The parking lot at 9:30 am was pretty filled up already. This is always a good sign. Right off the bat, our waiter, Carlos Ramirez, from Yonkers, was on the ball. We were served good strong coffee and water without having to request it.
There was no Splenda, but Carlos got it ASAP and not just one or two, but about eight packets. Not being stingy on the Splenda says a lot. Another plus was we were offered more coffee no less than four times.

We ordered the Florentine egg white omelet with home fries and toast, a Belgian waffle with a side of bacon. With arms full of dishes Carlos realized he forgot my rye toast. Sometimes you finish your meal and then get the forgotten item, not with Carlos; we had it in a jiffy. As Goldilocks says, the bacon was perfect, light and crispy, but not too hard, just right. The waffle was tasty and cooked just right. Get the picture. Real butter was served and I have the photo to prove it.
The syrup served in those little square containers, Mommas Cabin Syrup, contained as the first ingredient, corn syrup and the second ingredient, high fructose corn syrup. We requested maple syrup and offered to pay extra, but none the less, they don’t have any other syrup. Unfortunately, once you’ve had real maple syrup, it’s hard to go back.

Moving on; when ordering the omelet we specifically asked if the spinach was fresh and we were told yes and it is steamed. But Mela and I had our doubts about this. The spinach in the omelet was soft but didn’t have the color or texture of fresh spinach but that of frozen spinach. The Feta cheese wasn’t overbearing and of good quality. Overall the omelet was good and the combination really served our taste buds.

Lastly were the home fries. On this item, Mela and I agreed to disagree. She likes her potatoes seasoning free, and I like some onions, peppers and some seasoning added. But we both agreed that the season-less home fries tasted fresh and had just the right crunchy topping.

At $22.82, without tip, our breakfast was the most economical so far. Who would have guessed that I could find a really good place for breakfast in Yonkers the old fashioned way, my memory and without using the computer!

Mont Olympos Diner, 1 Fort Hill Road, Yonkers, NY 10710
(914) 961-4677,

One thought on “Mont Olympos Diner – Breakfast Review

  1. I’ve seen that place hundreds of times and have yet to try it. I’m with Mela on the home fries (seasonless)! We rarely go out for breakfast, but will have to try that place one day.

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