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These bookmarks are one of the easiest crafts I have made in a long time. After working all day, I usually come home, have dinner, do some cleaning up or some laundry and basically crash at about 8:30 pm. But this bookmark craft got my creative juices flowing again. I can’t take all the credit for being this creative with bookmarks; I had help from my renewed craft club that my friend Regina and I started up after 5 years or so.

Regina and I have been friends for almost 30 years. When our children were younger and we both needed a little “mommy free” time without kids, Regina and I started a craft club, which would meet once every 4 to 6 weeks on a Saturday. Regina, who is amazingly talented in quilting, needlepoint and much more gathered a few friends and I gathered a few friends. Everyone in the craft club takes a turn hosting a meeting. The person whose turn it is to host the craft club at their home, makes lunch, and teaches a craft to the group. Now no one has to be a craft person; the best part is everyone helps everyone. Our craft club ran for almost 10 years and then our children grew up and our lives became busier than before. Craft club ended. This past December Regina and I decided it was time to bring back craft club. We never stopped creating on our own, her with her quilting and me with my card making.

I hosted the first craft club this past Saturday. Regina brought three friends, Barbara, Theresa and Gerry. I brought Sue and Diane. After appetizers and lunch, I showed the ladies the memory and other cards that I had been making. As an afterthought I showed them a magazine clipping I had saved to make Valentine bookmarks. Well, the bookmark craft turned out to be a big hit. Valentine’s Day was just an idea for this bookmark craft, but a bookmark for any day is just as fun.

Whether crafting yourself or with a Craft Club, this bookmark definitely makes its mark!

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