Holiday Napkin Rings

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Don’t you just love a bargain, especially during these tough economic times? Well, you gotta be ready to venture out the day after Christmas to find some of the best shopping opportunities. You may even bump into me! I’m out there bright and early getting my cards, wrapping paper, gift bags, etc. for the next year all at half the price. Usually, there’s no rhyme or reason to where I shop, but those nifty gift cards I got over the holidays are the first stores on my radar. With a whisper of thanks to my boss, I headed to Target first this year. I take pride in being considered a smart shopper, and some of the hottest deals can be found after the big holidays are over! As a special thanks to Somebody’s Mom subscribers, I want to share with you many shopping tips I’ve picked up over the years.

When buying wrapping paper on sale look for versatile solid colors. Solid blue Christmas wrapping will work well for future Chanukah gifts, or that solid red paper for Valentine’s Day. Birthday gifts can always be wrapped in any solid colored paper and jazzed up for children with those puffy shaped stickers, also purchased on sale. Either way, I still save money. Try using white wrapping paper with a non-holiday glitter design to create an original and lovely look for a wedding or shower gift; there’s no need to purchase overly expensive “occasion” paper and ribbon when you can save money by doing it yourself. I just found a non-holiday Tinker Bell design paper for my granddaughter’s future presents. Grab a cup of coffee, muster up a little patience and think outside the holiday box.

This past Christmas Eve, I had 12 guests and only 6 napkin rings. Uh oh, so much for thinking outside that box! Then I remembered ….. after last year’s holidays, I was walking around Michael’s craft store and spied a woman buying all this fake sparkly greenery that one would use to make a Christmas wreath. She told me she was buying all these sparkly decorations for her daughter’s upcoming sweet sixteen party. I thought that was a very smart idea. This triggered something in me and I started to think, “What can I make with this stuff?” Eureeka, napkin rings for next Christmas! I’d put them away, safe and sound….and almost forgotten. I had spent under $5.00 for the pearly accessories, one bell ornament which I pulled apart, and two packets of tiny red bows. All items were 70% off. Better yet, I made these napkin rings without using a glue gun. By simply taking apart the little red bow, I was able to slip the bell on, put the bow back together, and twist it onto the pearly accessory. I purchased enough supplies to make close to 16 napkin rings. They became a conversation piece at my Christmas Eve dinner table. Now you know what can be accomplished while watching TV!

The next time you see holiday items on sale, remember it’s always worth it to take that second look. That half sale item you pass by might become someone else’s treasure!

One thought on “Holiday Napkin Rings

  1. You can also buy that “stiff” ribbon — ribbon that can be molded — after the holidays and make napkin rings out of that, too. Aluminum foil can also be rolled and shaped into rings.

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