Martha Stewart & Somebody’s Mom

martha stewart and me cropped

Somebody’s Mom met Martha Stewart.  I was invited to an event at her offices in Manhattan.  My friend, Patti, came along.  We were working the room of about 200 people, trying to give my card out.

When all of sudden, who is standing in front of me, but Martha Stewart herself.  She looks fantastic.  I introduced myself and told her how I was invited, (through the Macy’s cooking demo) and handed her my card.  I forgot I had a camera with me and asked if I could take a picture with her.  She said I could, and was so nice about it.  Just as she was about to leave, I told her I brought her my sour cream coffee cake.  She took it.  Martha Stewart may actually taste my sour cream coffee cake.  After that I was done, this was enough excitement for one night.  Patti and I left to head home.  As we were getting into the elevator, Patti whispered to me, “Hold the door, hold the door!”  Who walks into the elevator with us, but Martha Stewart!

She asked if we enjoyed the event while taking the elevator down with us.  Martha and me, we bonded  together for 9 floors and then she was gone.  Maybe we will meet again.  Hey, you never know!  Thanks, Martha, it was fun!

One thought on “Martha Stewart & Somebody’s Mom

  1. Hey… that’s great!

    Some of my puppies were just in a Xmas photo shoot for Marshall’s (they were the only stars, no celebs)… Around Nov 18 they will be on a poster over the pet department… not sure if it will be in Marshall’s., TJ Maxx or Home Goods!

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