2 pounds sea scallops
1 pound bacon slices

Optional additions to your shish kebabs –

Zucchini, peeled, rinsed and sliced into 1 / 2 inch circles
Artichoke hearts, canned, drained
Raw onion chunks

1. Soak wood skewers in water for 15 minutes.
2. Rinse scallops and drain. After completely rinsed and dried, place scallops
into a bowl and cover in milk. Let scallops sit for 30 minutes before
3. Slice bacon strips in half. Wrap half bacon slice around scallop and place
on skewer. Add any other choices to put on skewers or just have the
scallops with the bacon only. Prepare the shish kebabs to your taste, with
or without vegetables added.
4. Repeat until the whole skewer is filled.
5. Option 1 – brush skewers with olive oil and a little lemon or lime juice.
6. Option 2 – brush skewers with Italian dressing and a little extra olive oil
7. Grill skewers on open fire on a medium flame, turning frequently until
thoroughly cooked. About 15 minutes. Serve immediately.
8. As a dinner choice, serve scallops over cooked rice, with vegetables on the
7. Enjoy – Great appetizer starter!

I am really a quirky, funny person, especially when it comes to food. I will get on a kick and cook something over and over again and then, just like that, I won’t cook it again for years. French onion soup was my kick, and I made it over and over the first couple of years I was married, and then stopped making it for twenty years. The same goes for scallops. I was making scallops for a while, then boom, I stopped. Recently, I was on vacation at the Jersey shore and out of the blue, I ordered scallops. I was hooked again. Entertaining a week after my vacation, I was making scallops. It was a huge hit with my company because no one seems to make scallops. Shrimp yes, all the time and everyone serves shrimp including us. My husband is the shrimp expert, although he doesn’t share his recipe. He skewers the shrimp and rubs on his own concoction of spices and grills the shrimp. Everyone talks about Tom’s shrimp. I know he adds Old Bay spice as one of his spice rubs. As for the other spices he adds, he never cooks and tells. It is an ego thing with him. He loves being praised for his shrimp. If he gave the recipe to anyone else, including me, then he wouldn’t be special anymore!

Grilled fish is great in the summer. The bacon on the scallops becomes crispy and adds a different flavor to it. My secret is soaking the scallops in milk. I dislike real fishy tastes, so the milk removes it a bit from the scallops. I like them better that way, but if you like a fishy taste, don’t soak the scallops in milk. Either way, you’ll love them.

Now, I wonder what my next food fad will be that I get hooked on! I’ll keep you posted!

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